Morten Albæk

Forfatter, filosof & CEO, Voluntasgroup
Morten Albæk

Morten Albæk is a philosopher, author, public speaker, and Founder and CEO of Voluntās, the world’s first advisory firm to systematically measure and consult on meaningfulness. Prior to founding Voluntās, Morten was CMO and member of the Exec. Committee at Vestas('09-'15) and the SVP for Dev. of Ideas & Innovation at Danske Bank ('02-'08).
In 2020, ‘The Internationalist’ ranked Morten among ‘The 20 most Inspiring Marketers of the First 20 Years of the 21st Century’ and he is also the only Scandinavian ever to be selected 5 times for their list of ‘Top 100 Most Influential CMOs’ (2011-2015).
In addition, Morten is the author of several bestsellers. The most recent, "One Life", is the best-selling philosophical book in DK in recent years and has been published internationally. His next book, False Truths in Life, will soon be in print.

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